Industry Perks

This is one of my favorite things to talk about. It allows me to look back on all the jobs I’ve had up until the age of 35 and exclaim, “WTF was I doing with my life!!!” Aside from getting paid more money, having great health benefits and being able to switch up jobs without having to worry about how it will look on your resume, there are a few other perks worth mentioning. Keep in mind, not all jobs are the same, good thing you can move on without cause for concern. I’ll share with you some of the perks of my job since it’s what I know for sure. I work Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. I am not required to work a minute after 5pm. Ever. Breakfast is provided by the company every morning. Some days it’s a continental spread, other days it’s pancakes, eggs and bacon. We have motorized standing desks. A gym is provided with a locker room and showers. Free coffee, tea and hot chocolate all day everyday. Unlimited breaks at your discretion. Nobody is checking up on you or questioning you ever. This has been the hardest for me to get used to. Work is project based so depending on what’s going on your work flow may vary quite a bit. If you need to run an errand, doctor’s appointment or something comes up, you don’t have to worry about another employee filling in for you. This also applies to vacation and sick leave. Unlimited sick days. Dress appropriately but as casual as you like. Shorts, sandals, t-shirts, etc. Game room. Ping pong, foosball, video games, etc. The people you work with love their job and actually want to be there! Drug testing isn’t required and if the project you’re on requires it there are no consequences for failing a drug test. There is no drug policy. All in all, my job is super chill and I can say without hesitating that it is the best job I’ve ever had. I think many people would agree even if half of the things on this list were taken away.

Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home... it's your responsibility to love it, or change it.
Chuck Palahniuk
Designed by Dorian Wallace